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  • Melamine veneer plywood(Pine plug)Melamine veneer plywood(Pine plug)
  • Melamine veneer plywood(White Cherry)Melamine veneer plywood(White Cherry)
  • Multilayer eco board(Apple wood)Multilayer eco board(Apple wood)
  • Light intensity - Melamine panels(Dream Module)Light intensity - Melamine panels(Dream Module)
  • Melamine Poplar Blockboard(Gold Walnut)Melamine Poplar Blockboard(Gold Walnut)
  • Melamine Poplar Blockboard(Small box)Melamine Poplar Blockboard(Small box)
  • Eco-plate joinery(Elegant Lotus)Eco-plate joinery(Elegant Lotus)
  • Poplar joinery eco board(White Cherry)Poplar joinery eco board(White Cherry)
    National poverty alleviation leading enterprises
  • 1
      Focus on creating high-quality artificial plates containing 20, we always develop more high-end products for the direction of the wood-based panel, insisted that the real green sheet into the household
  • 2
      Rich experience in plywood production, advanced production equipment and professional technical personnel
  • 3
      The production process has self-contained
  • 4
      Plywood has several acres of raw material planting base and most suitable for the production of high-quality wood veneer
  • 5
      Has a complete system of quality control system
  • 6
      Have reliable sound sales network
  • 1 Brand-name products in henan province", "high-quality products in henan province" "forest products in henan province ten big brand", "famous trademark
  • 2 3 c authentication, 3 standard certification and occupational health and safety management system certification
  • 3 Product quality is reliable, the green environmental protection, environmental protection level in E1, E0 class above
  • 4 A variety of specifications and colors for your choice, can be customized as required
  • 5 Factory direct sale, the price is more favorable
  • Henan hongda group,
  • Henan hongda group,
  • Congratulations to the Henan HTC wood industry limited company through CARB certification America

        Henan Hongda Wood Co., Ltd. is the national poverty alleviation leading enterprises, national large man-made board production enterprises, covers an area of more than 360 acres, total assets of 3.6 billion yuan, with 20 domestic most advanced wood-based panel production line. The company insists on self planting forest, concentrate on high quality man-made board, and not make a harmful wood.. Hongda wood has a million acres of sheet material planting base, 20 years experience in production of sheet, the top technical talent in the domestic first-class production equipment and industry has passed 3C certification, 3 standard certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and U. S. carb certification, and has import and export operation rights.
        Henan Hongda wood production of high-grade wood-based panel series plate, using domestic advanced equipment and advanced technology, high-quality imported materials, environment-friendly glue, after repeated processing, light brand products with characteristics of green, environmental protection, avoid lacquer, waterproof, non formaldehyde etc., suitable for luxury train and bus interior, high-grade furniture, etc..
        Intensity card, Lin Zhiguang card multi-layer solid wood plate, free paint ecological board and poplar plywood, furniture and other decorative plate, melamine stick panel, poplar wood Daixinban, high-grade poplar wood wardrobe cabinets board, star rated hotels decoration board, high-grade blockboard, bus interior plywood products with its green advantages, sold domestically and exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, more than 20 countries and regions, light plate, Lin Zhiguang plate depending on the characteristics of the excellent product performance and green environmental protection, foreign praise and trust.

  • The main types of the whole cabinet, wardrobe sheet and choose standard

    A, sheet

    Plate is the main material of integral ambry wardrobe, which directlydetermines the product quality. Cabinet plate on the market mainly usesman-made board, rarely used wood. Artificial board is divided into splint(also called multilayer board), particle board, fiberboard. The fiber boardand high density, medium density, low density of.

    1, high density board: it is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, after cooking and ground into a fine fiber by adding an appropriate amount of adhesive, at a certain temperature and pressure pressed. High density, high strength.

    2, particle board: namely the proverb "board", the wood into small particles of wood shavings and adding proper amount of adhesive agent, under certain temperature and pressure pressed. Density is not high, intensity.

    3, the multi-layer solid wood board: the wood adhesive layers of singleplates or sheets after the cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding, health and several working procedure produced. With a small modification, high strength, good internal quality (cut saw after the small, non hierarchicalpores), characteristics such as good flatness. As is currently the Handmadefurniture with excellent performance is not easy to deform and good adjusting indoor temperature and humidity of the multi-layer solid woodboard (wardrobe cabinets etc.) is the most commonly used materials. Is thematerial the highest price on the market.

    4, melamine board: the melamine impregnated paper is directly pressed on the particleboard and multi-layer solid wood board (the acronym: multi-layerecological board). The multi-layer ecological plate has gradually become the main material most wardrobe cabinets manufacturers.

    Criterion two, plate quality

    1, look at the cabinet plate adopts a multilayer board or particieboard,judgment method is from the plate of view, multilayer board has a layer ofskin plastic pressure formed multilayer board, smooth surface, good not easy deformation, strong grip nails. Long service life; and particleboard fine particle structure closely enough, even can see the small pores, placed in the hands of the lighter weight, small, short service life.

    2, to see whether meet environmental protection sheet. As long as the free formaldehyde content ≤ 9mg/100g board in the European E1 class environmental standards, to human body health not harm. The most direct way is to open the door, open the drawers, if strongly stimulate smell, evenmake people cry, show that formaldehyde content exceed the standard; two is to look at the material inspection certificate business, to see whether it isholding the inspection certificate of quality national imitation board testingcenter.

    3 see plank is real. Currently on the market some small manufacturers in order to reduce costs, often cheat, deceive consumers. Standard cabinetbody plate thickness is 18mm, and small manufacturers generally use themeans with particleboard when high density board to propaganda,thickness is 16mm, and for consumers said its board for 18mm. And the back plate thickness of 9mm, door thickness is 9mm.

  • Congratulations to hongda wood industry co., LTD., was awarded the mayor of xinxiang, henan quality prize On January 2, 2014, xinxiang accelerate national quality demonstration cities create and mayor of strong quality prize award ceremony. Meeting to henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., and other five units issued by the mayor's award for 2013. Municipal leaders wang bench, Wang Zhitong, high through the line, Liu Sen, qin to attend the conference. Mayor wang bench requirement, the city's various departments at all levels should be solidarity and collaboration, difficult to overcome, strive to create success at a stroke, constantly enhance the level of quality work.

    Mayor of xinxiang quality prize is the highest quality honor rewards of xinxiang people's government to set up, mainly awarded in xinxiang registration in the administrative areas, have extensive social popularity and influence, implementing performance excellence mode management, quality management level and capacity for independent innovation in the domestic industry in a leading position, has made significant economic and social benefits of the unit.
    The mayor award is a benchmark. Only stick to the benchmarking, could play a guide and motivate enterprises to strengthen quality management, improve business performance and enhance the core competitiveness. For our hongda group, the temptation to hundreds of thousands of yuan of bonus is not large, we care about is the quality of the award itself, it is named after the name of the government's awards for our promotion enterprise's intangible assets value.
    Issued by the mayor quality prize is the government guide and stimulate enterprises promote the core competitiveness of an innovative measures. Quality prize more value on the attaches great importance to the quality of the social atmosphere. From the government level, strengthen guidance, motivation, at the same time, more complicated and meticulous work also is to rectify and standardize the market order, to protect famous enterprises, improve the level of public service, etc.
    In this sense, the mayor award should not only become a high standard, high level, high gold content of the awards, also should have more rich connotation, make it become a piece of the whole society to participate in, high qu and the quality of the baton of ascension.
    Henan hongda wood industry co., LTD. All the staff will, as always, the guardian of our mayor quality prize awards, enforce performance excellence management, 5 s management, make the company in the product quality of high quality production and better management mode of more brilliant.

  • Man-made board products are mainly adhesive is introduced In plywood products manufacturing process, the glue is essential factors of production, the quality of the glue is the top priority in the process of production, it is not only relation with the quality of our products and more relationship with physical health, but most people within the plywood products on the performance of the commonly used plastic etc also don't know, here are the henan hongda wood industry co., LTD. Web site under the small make up a simple introduction for everybody plywood products commonly used the knowledge of the glue, the following content is collected via baidu entry, please forgive me if there is an unknown.

    1: urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive

    Urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive with formaldehyde and urea as the main raw material, its reaction mechanism is very complicated. Traditionally urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive with weak base, weak acid, weak alkali process, through addition, condensation reaction.
    Urea formaldehyde resin adhesive reaction mechanism
    Early reaction of formaldehyde and urea under the condition of weak alkaline, addition reaction generated a methylol urea. A methylol urea under the condition of weak base, by condensation dehydration, forming linear or branched chain type urea-formaldehyde resin. Finally under the condition of weak base storage backup. New type of urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive is by changing the molar ratio of formaldehyde and urea to reduce the free formaldehyde adhesive, by controlling the PH value in the process of reaction and reaction temperature to adjust the structure of the resin, reasonable control of hydroxyl formaldehyde content in resin, reduce the formaldehyde in the resin ether bond, urea-formaldehyde resin and the preparation of qualified, and produce a qualified man-made plank.

    2: melamine resin adhesive

    Is made of melamine resin adhesives of melamine resin and its modifier, generally do not need to add curing agent, and by heating or at room temperature curing. Melamine formaldehyde resin composed of melamine and formaldehyde polycondensation, on different mole ratio of reactants to produce different products. In weakly alkaline or neutral medium, melamine and formaldehyde by the mole ratio of 1:2 ~ 3) are generated dihydroxy methyl melamine and three methylol melamine. Three early methylol melamine content in water, after drying concentrates as white solid, poorly soluble in water, dissolved without heated to 80 ℃. Its stability is poor, in high temperature or slightly alkaline medium easy generation of polymerization, should not be so far. In the same conditions if the number of moles formaldehyde for 6 ~ 12, generate a six methylol melamine and other polycondensate. Generated by the six methylol melamine resin (HMM) of high stability, can be kept for days in neutral aqueous solution.
    Generate methylol melamine, dehydration generated in acidic medium dimers methylol melamine, and its further per mole dimers out 1 mol, formaldehyde; Methylol melamine dehydration reaction generated dimers, dimers continue to form the shape of the structure of the resin are crosslinked. Melamine glue is characterized by high chemical activity, good thermal stability, boiling water resistance, chemical resistance and good electrical insulation, heat resistance and water resistance is better than that of phenolic resin adhesive and urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive, but melamine after curing rubber brittleness is big, not cured rubber storage period is short, four it is rarely used alone, generally after the modification. Modification methods commonly used in the synthesis of melamine resin, add right amount of toluene sulfonamide, the resin can be used for plastic than trim surface impregnation, laminating, etc., can also be in melamine resin into appropriate to join in the process of acetic acid, and obtained modified melamine formaldehyde glue adhesion agent, its utility with the former.

    3: phenolic resin adhesive

    Phenolic resin is the phenol and aldehyde resin formed under the action of a catalyst. It is the earliest (in 1910, Germany Bakelite) synthetic polymer materials. In nearly a century of time, is used in many industries, it is still important synthetic polymer materials. Phenolic resin is widely used in the field of wood processing, one of the main analysing its consumption is second only to urea-formaldehyde resin. Especially in the production of water resistance, weatherability wood phenolic resin has the special significance.
    Characteristics: the phenolic resin adhesive has good heat resistance, high bonding strength, good ageing resistance and excellent electrical insulation, and the characteristics of low price and easy to use, therefore has been widely used.
    Advantages: large polarity, stick relay is strong; High rigidity, heat resistance; Good aging resistance; Water resistance, oil resistance, resistance to chemical media, mold; Itself is easy to be modified, but also to other adhesive for modification.
    Disadvantages: darker, have certain brittleness, easy to crack, especially compared with urea-formaldehyde resin curing water soluble phenolic resin for a long time, high curing temperature, strict in moisture content of veneer.

  • A whole wardrobe production process of the components and main process The next few years domestic whole wardrobe factory there will be two main production: one is the large-scale production of the enterprise business investment in place at a time, advanced production equipment, high market share, capital is abundant, the production is large, process will be more complicated; Another is some small and medium-sized enterprises in order to survive or attached to large companies or their combined to enhance competitiveness, to form a joint production situation, production process will be more detailed, there will be a process production enterprises, such as cutting can be single independent factory, will be the joint venture of sheet metal processing, such as some factory to do the paint again, or a product parts and components, in order to improve the efficiency of production equipment. Both the former and the latter for product process design will be more and more clear, more and more perfect, to achieve highly harmonious and unified, so as to match the operation. Then there is the computer with the popularization and application of LAN, the process flow field management will be no technology file management, are all made of bar code management, production management will be more convenient, faster and more accurate.

    The development course of domestic whole wardrobe:

    A whole wardrobe, refers to the man-made board as basic material, match with all kinds of stickers or wood veneer, the sealing side, made of painted decoration and furniture. Compared with solid wood furniture, its main have two features: one is not easy to deformation, removable installation, convenient transportation and storage, can say that the appearance of the integral chest design change more, more personality. 2 it is to save timber resources, raise the utilization ratio of timber. These two points is a whole wardrobe in today's rapid development of the main factors on the market.

    The development of domestic whole wardrobe mainly from eighty s and early 'ninety s 20th century experienced a development course from scratch, from naive to mature. A whole wardrobe has nearly 20 years of development has experienced two main stages of development. One is the first development of China's overall chest around 95, when north and south on both sides. Enterprises in the north to the temple of heaven, bright, huahe represented by a group of outstanding state-owned enterprises, products are mainly go day type style, more is the plate with real wood; Mainly south hong kong-invested enterprises, such as: heng yi, di letter, rich, wei Ann and so on, the product style is mainly European modern style. Enterprises both from north to south at that time the panel production equipment, mainly relies on imported raw materials, hardware fittings, in the first wave of development of poor management of some enterprises, such as constant interest, love the rich blue while the enterprise hardware facilities, such as production equipment was strengthened, but in marketing, product development, production management and so on some software failed to keep up with the final being relentless elimination. 2 it is nearly two years the rapid development of domestic furniture factory, we are going through similar to the first ten years ago the development of the whole wardrobe domestic enterprises, but compared to before the development process of some fundamental changes, such as: market has shifted from a seller's market to buyer's market, the whole wardrobe production industry has the nature of the change, the proportion of domestic equipment has been more than half. In addition, the main raw material for production () board, paint and accessories hardware accessories such as mostly have localization, coupled with the employees also mature and grow a lot than before. If the first is the domestic furniture development results put some new furniture out of the Chinese market, so the competition is a brutal civil war, everyone according to market rules of evolution.

    A whole wardrobe production process components and main processes:

    A full sense of the whole wardrobe production process from raw materials preparation, after wood production, paint finishing at the end of the product packing warehousing and so on many links and steps. Because the paint process in the last two phase of the journal of shenzhen furniture detailed discussed some professionals, so the plate production process focusing on woodworking process. Referred to as a whole wardrobe production process a lot of people think is very simple, three steps of cutting, sealing side, stiletto, equipment used in the troupe cutting saw, edge banding machine, drilling holes. Structure point is nothing more than 32 series disassembling fittings and so on, in fact the whole wardrobe production process is much more complicated than these, is also a piece of plate parts, some as long as one or two working procedure can be completed, and some are dozen or even dozens of working procedure to complete. Such as drawer bottom, just cutting, and as a more complex to counter board structure is hollow honeycomb, surface veneer, real wood sealing side and while type, the Mosaic glass. Will be two single panel process to complete, so the complexity of the plate process with the appearance of the product design, product structure, material, and the variety of products on production line, and many other factors, the factors related to the more complex. Plate production process of the main components: raw materials, process documents, machinery, equipment, operators, and the corresponding quality and production management system. Including raw materials arrive on time is the premise and foundation of the technological process, and the process file is the whole machining process and action on the basis of the management activities to comprehensive and detailed process document. Integral chest process documentation about: rendering, SanShiTu, parts diagram, parts processing, metal parts list, packing methods, installation diagram, schedule of materials (BOM), spare parts processing process sheets, product specification. The figure with parts processing parts processing process sheets used in combination with the production line components synchronous operation effect is best. Parts processing process main content on the surface of the table to cover the name, specification, quantity, material, batch, processing and matters needing attention, special inspection standards, basic content, process and serial number. Machinery, equipment and operation workers is processing.

    The main production process of whole wardrobe:

    Integral chest due to the difference of its surface materials and surface decoration effect also have different technological process, main representative categories are: the whole wardrobe, wood stickers whole wardrobe, solid color, the overall wardrobe, melamine class as a whole wardrobe, and by the above categories of a mixture of two or more categories as a whole wardrobe.

    The above categories as a whole wardrobe process based on process, there are some special, such as bending plate thick stick. Actual operation process, because of the influence of factors such as cost, usually sometimes-complex mix-and-match, I have you, it is worth mentioning at present with the widely application of the honeycomb core, the processing technology of the integral chest could be more complicated.

    Plate production process (process design) relationship with product design, structural design:

    Is a mutual influence between the three interdependent relationship. First product modelling design cannot be separated from the body of the whole wardrobe features, to be able to realize and adapt to the overall wardrobe production process requirements. In addition, the popular product modelling, will lead to the mass of the product, the overall wardrobe mass is the premise of its technological advantages, the structure design is the product model and process of the link, it is not only the internal skeleton products is the soul of the production process. A reasonable and compact structural design for products of the production process to create favorable conditions for first order, and a highly effective reasonable production process design and can effectively reduce the production cost of the products, for the product will eventually be based on the market, and get the favour of consumer, to give strong support. So if you want to have a high level of product process design is grabbed from the product modeling design. This is primary sources of immature domestic furniture design team, professional knowledge of the designer itself is not enough comprehensive, think the design is the appearance design, as for the product structure, production process is not important, or it is ok to look at. In fact, the structure of the product itself and its production process is the soul of the product appearance design.

    How to increase the efficiency of the whole wardrobe production technology of processing:

    How to display the a plate production line production efficiency to the extreme, for enterprises to create maximum value, is the most concern in every business owners, under the premise of without considering the product to make a plate production line the maximum efficacy, production line itself hardware (equipment) scale is one of the biggest prerequisite. An investment of millions and a production line of hundreds of thousands of investment scale, there is no comparable, so for the same production line, different managers use different management methods will have different income effect. As if the equipment is the hardware conditions, production and management activities is the software conditions, and the production and management activities is the core content of the design of the production process and arrangement. If a production activities as a battle, then process design is a battle plan, an enterprise produces the product is not the only every day, but many varieties, the varieties of each product is made up of many parts, parts on the production line of products every day there will be dozens or even hundreds of pieces, the experience of the management alone is not enough, how to develop a scientific, reasonable and efficient product process is the key to the problem lies. There is no best only better process design itself.

    To develop a strong feasibility and high efficiency of process must grasp the following several basic principles:

    First, the principle of synchronization. Is the parts of the product to product, small direction of the single packing of the products as the unit, control all the parts as far as possible at the same time or in within the time as small as possible to the packing process, to avoid a phenomenon such as when you pack it. Here the center content is actually project working process in the table. Hours of parts of products to be clear, accurate, strong operability, comprehensive factors to consider fully in place.

    Second, the principle of downstream. Avoid product parts on the production line process flow back, reversal phenomenon will obstruction to other parts of the normal process, as the road traffic, make whole workshop process in disorder, is not conducive to the manager's control, the core content is the process of process the order. The difficulty is how to solve the production process components of crossover operation with the contradiction of synchronous.

    Third, the principle of sufficiency. Every working procedure is to avoid the waste process itself. Such as: cutting process was equipment can be a cutting three boards at the same time, it designs two boards. Again, such as drilling process hole location on a piece of board should have finished two can, and you to design it into three or four play, these will produce the waste process itself. That affect machining efficiency, if you want to be the first point is the corresponding files will comprehensively is cutting process also have the cutting diagram, and to prepare the order saw road, have the borehole drilling process diagram, and according to different types of hole drilling has different optimization scheme, at the same time, combining with the working hours to.

    Fourth, the principle of quality. Any process in improving efficacy when not at the expense of the quality of the product, because the product quality is the life of the product, on the premise of quality to maximize production.

    Fifth, the gradual principle. Under a good process design is really just a better better the start of process design, technological design itself is a fumble ceaselessly in practice, constantly improve the process, only better not best.

    The production management personnel should get into the habit of data management and data manipulation. In this way can we constantly progress continuously improve, beyond one after another new limits, and not in accordance with the experience of emotional management. I'm in a good mood today, workers also listen to the command, so the process of the product is very smooth, otherwise some influence factors is what to do. End up some pipe for several years or even decades of production, management level is in a stage, progress is not obvious; And some people on the basis of the science reasonable method to control the production process, can enter the state in a short time and is doing better. Because he is one step one step in the steady progress.

    These five principles are the basis of process design, only constantly in practice experience with can fundamentally finally grasp. As the current domestic the whole wardrobe factory the arrival of the second round of the investment boom, each manufacturer of plate production equipment of the arms race, process design status and role will be increasingly prominent. And first-class production equipment only combined with excellent technological design can exert its maximum effect. For example, in the mid - 90 - the first round of the domestic furniture industry plate machine some well-known enterprises in the competition, such as: di letter, wei Ann, rich, etc are all in the plate production line adopts the roller transport shipping method for sheet metal process, this principle is downstream in the process design of the most direct embodiment. If the design is not reasonable in each process reversal phenomenon, board piece back, rather than increase the production efficiency barrier instead of normal production order, the manufacturer of the lack of process design feel this kind of device is not working, not hand car is convenient, and is not suitable for many kinds of product processing process. Actually products more with less, simple and complex process is not the direct factors influencing the equipment function, but the rationality of the technological design, is just the process design of product process will be more complex, process intersection will be more, so it need more reasonable process design.

    The development trend of whole wardrobe production process:

    With a new round of domestic whole wardrobe the reshuffle of the enterprise, the whole wardrobe factory will appear the new production pattern, the plate production process there will be new changes. Whole wardrobe production is a kind of mass production, the overall trend of its development should be more and more advanced equipment, the number of workers less and less, and more and more high quality requirements.

    The next few years domestic whole wardrobe factory there will be two main production: one is the large-scale production of the enterprise business investment in place at a time, advanced production equipment, high market share, capital is abundant, the production is large, process will be more complicated; Another is some small and medium-sized enterprises in order to survive or attached to large companies or their combined to enhance competitiveness, to form a joint production situation, production process will be more detailed, there will be a process production enterprises, such as cutting can be single independent factory, will be the joint venture of sheet metal processing, such as some factory to do the paint again, or a product parts and components, in order to improve the efficiency of production equipment. Both the former and the latter for product process design will be more and more clear, more and more perfect, to achieve highly harmonious and unified, so as to cooperate with operation; Then there is the computer with the popularization and application of LAN, the process flow field management will be no technology file management, are all made of bar code management, production management will be more convenient, faster and more accurate.

    The article reprinted from China's wood industry network

  • What furniture plate do good? Panel of knowledge and plank of choice
    The classification of the board
    1, according to the material classification can be divided into: solid wood and man-made board two kinds big. Now in addition to will use solid wood floor and door leaf, the plates are usually we use manual processing of man-made board.
    2, according to the forming classification can be divided into: solid wood, laminated, melamine board, joinery board, and so on.
    The varieties of the board
    1, solid wood
    As the name implies, the solid board is the use of complete wood wood plank. The pattern plate durable, for nature, is the best of the selected in decorating. But as a result of such plate cost is high, and high construction technology requirements, used in the decoration but not much. Solid board generally classified according to plank material name, there is no uniform standard.
    2, a multilayer
    Sandwich plate, also known as plywood, inline commonly known as fine core board. By three layer or layers of a millimeter thick veneer or glue stick hot pressing plate. Is the most commonly used material is currently making furniture. A multilayer generally divided into 5 mm plate, organic board, 9, 12 mm plate, different thickness, such as 18 mile 16 mm plate and plate specification (1 mile to 1 mm).
    3, joinery board
    Joinery board, inline common weighs big core board. Big core board is composed of two splicing wood veneer glued the middle pressure. Big core board is cheaper than fine core board, the vertical (in the core material to distinguish) bending strength is poor, but the transverse flexural strength is higher.
    4, particieboard
    Particieboard is broken material with wood as the main raw material, then add glue, additive by the suppression of thin plate. According to the suppressing method can be divided into extrusion particieboard, flat crush particieboard category. This kind of plank main advantage is that the price is very cheap. Its shortcomings are obvious: poor strength. Make larger or powerful learning is generally not suitable for the demand of furniture.
    5, density board,
    Density board, also known as fiberboard. Is wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw materials, applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other applicable adhesive made from man-made plank, according to its density is different, divided into high density board, MDF, low density board. Density board because soft impact resistance, but also easy to rework. Abroad, density board is a good type of wood for making furniture, but because of the country on a high standard of board several times less than those of the international standard, so, the use of density board in our country there is a great room to improve quality.
    6, melamine board
    Melamine plate, full name is the melamine melamine-impregnated paper veneer man-made board. Is with different color or texture of paper soaked in the melamine resin adhesive, to a certain degree of curing and dry, the shop is in a multilayer, carpentry board, particle board, fiberboard, such as surface via hot pressing and decorative board.

    The selection of board
    Look at the environmental protection is not environmental protection
    According to this year on January 1, the implementation of the "interior decoration decorates material to formaldehyde to release a set limit to" man-made board and its products, directly used in indoor building materials of formaldehyde release a quantity must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg per liter, if formaldehyde release a quantity to less than or equal to 5 milligrams per liter, must after finishing processing can be used in indoor, formaldehyde release a quantity to exceed 5 milligrams per liter is substandard. Take the unqualified wood home like giving new home a gas occurrence machine, buy building materials must look at the environmental protection not environmental protection.
    1, joinery board the big core board:

    The middle of the joinery board with natural wood glue them into a core, two sides glued on very thin wood veneer, as the name implies big core board, is one of the main materials in decoration. Can do furniture and wooden door and door cover, central heating, curtain box of window, etc., the waterproof performance is better than that of particleboard and MDF. When choosing look at its internal timber, shoulds not be too fragile. Henan hongda wood industry co., LTD., the production of light intensity brand woodworking ecological board USES the straight cover technology, coating process, save time and effort can be avoided, reliable product quality, green environmental protection. Many consumers choose big core board, a look at the weight, look at the price. In fact, the heavier the big core board, its quality is bad. Because of the weight, the greater the more suggests that the board USES the miscellaneous wood. This made big core board, miscellaneous wood not nail the nail, to not be able to use.
    In addition, the big core board price is very low, the quality would be very poor. Not gap is big, is to use the unqualified wood. So when the choice, you'd better choose a big core board of 130 yuan or so. The price of the big core board, its quality is stable. Market price in the RMB 55-85 big core board, cannot use at all.
    Choose a big core board is appearance: look at edge of gap size, gap bigger inner core big core board agglutination intensity must not strong, the big core board surface must be dry, light net.
    In addition, when you choose big core board, must be sawed a corner, check the quality. Joining together the small wood, inside the gap cannot be more than 5 mm, can't use a wood bark, wormhole and fast knot. Quality good big core board, between the small wood, agglutination gap closer.
    2, medium density board than particieboard nail holding power is poor
    Particle board is natural lumber after crushed into granule, the compressed into boards. Density board is to use powdered wood after pressing molding, flatness is better, but the wave resistance is poor.
    Density board, by contrast, holding nail force is relatively particieboard is poor, if before and after the screw tighten loose, due to the strength of the density board is not high, it's hard to fixed, therefore rarely used for cabinet put oneself in another's position.
    4, facing three-ply convenient and cheap
    Sandwich plate, also called three plywood and three-ply board, layer number of different name. Mainly used in domestic outfit now facing three-ply, namely in the factory has already very thin solid wood veneer on plywood. Veneer plywood easy to use, the price also cheaper than oneself buy panels let construction group post come.
    5, melamine double strap, not afraid of water
    Shiny on the both sides of the plate is very hard, not afraid of water and fire, mainly used in furniture and cabinets.
    6, veneer, manufacturing and the same effect as wood
    Act the role of panel is made of high-grade timber wood grain obvious rotary cutting wood, very thin, only 0.3 mm the thinnest, but 2-3 mm thick. Common wood veneer color from shallow to deep, cherry, white ju, maple, red ju, northeast China ash, white oak, red oak, teak, rosewood, walnut, Bai Ying wood, dozens of varieties, such as wood of red shadow price does not poor.
    Large area is used, it is better to buy directly facing three splint. If to achieve special effect, use veneer on local used alone, requires high technology.
    Buy moisture content up to standard, the treated wood
    When the lumber moisture content is higher than the environment balance moisture content (11.4% annual average moisture content in Beijing area), wood drying shrinkage, vice of hygroscopic and expansion of will. Wood is the main reason of the cracking and deformation moisture content is too high or too low. Qualified wood need after high temperature steaming and drying process, finally achieve the moisture content of the local level. As a result, the moisture content of timber is particularly important.
    The expert reminds: don't pursue cheap
    Experts tell us: don't pursue cheap, very cheap sale material is usually manufactured and the material of formaldehyde exceeds bid badly. Best to normal market, the sources of here is guaranteed. Buy a brand of materials. Because the wood is a family to decorate advocate material, in the purchase quantity is more, be careful when buy, had better with experienced people or shopping professionals. Decorating a company to buy, also can entrust a supply unit is they have a stable quality, the price may be lower, second, once appear quality problem, clear responsibility, a good solution.

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