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  • Paint poplar board(Black walnut)
    • Paint poplar board(Black walnut)
  • Paint poplar board(Black walnut)
  • 产品品牌:Guang Qiang
  • 产品种类:Multi-layer plywood
  • 产品材质:Poplar
  • 环保等级:E1、E0
  • 产品规格:2440mm × 1220mm(长×宽)
  • 产品厚度:25mm
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  • Multilayer ecological panels, also called melamine panels, also known as: fine core eco-board, melamine double decorative panels, paint eco-board, plywood and so on three ammonia, the name is melamine impregnated paper veneer plywood. Is with a different color or texture of paper into eco-resin adhesive sheet soaked, then dried cured to a certain extent, its pavement on the multi-layer plywood decorative panels made ​by hot pressing.

     Henan Hongda Wood Co multilayer optical intensity license plate ecological environmental protection level in more than E1, E0 grade. All products are the entire board whole core, never mixing scrap. Since the production of the Honda people serious attitude and strict quality inspection system system, so the light intensity multi-brand products with eco-plate surface smooth, glue strong, not easily deformed, grade standards and other environmental characteristics, the majority of new and old customers alike.



    Mirror effect: Matt  Pock  Relief

    Advantages: smooth surface, easily deformed, bright colors, surface than the wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, affordable.

    1, waterproof, moisture-proof.
        2, good nail holding power, no deformation.
        3, money, effort, cost-effective.
        4, environmental protection level reaches E1, E0 standard. 
        5, high quality, beautiful and practical.
        6, the durability is good.

    7, up to hundreds of colors, to facilitate construction.

    Product Environmental protection: panel light, mildew, fire, heat, shock, easy to clean, renewable, in line with energy saving, eco-friendly approach.

    Usage: The products are widely used in furniture production, high-end furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom, partitions, hotel decoration, also made ​​of mirror, high wear resistance, anti-static, embossed, metal and other finishes.

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