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  • Poplar plywood multilayered
    • Poplar plywood multilayered
  • Poplar plywood multilayered
  • 产品品牌:Guang Qiang
  • 产品种类:Multi-layer plywood
  • 产品材质:Poplar
  • 环保等级:E1
  • 产品规格:2440mm × 1220mm(长×宽)
  • 产品厚度:16mm
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  •     Plywood, also known as plywood or veneer is peeled into segments by Yang Wood veneer or by a wooden sliced ​​into veneer , and then the adhesive glue made ​​of three or more layers of plate material , usually with a single odd layers board , and to the fiber direction perpendicular to the adjacent layer poplar veneer glued together with each other.

        Wood Industry Co., Ltd. , Henan Hongda brand poplar plywood light intensity can be according to customer demand using E0 , E1, E2 grade green plastic products can be used in the whole core or core -core pieces according to customer demand . Intensity cards are used in multi-layer plywood -molding process , surface smooth, glue and strong , not easily deformed , the majority of new and old customers alike.

        Intensity card multilayered plywood has the following characteristics :

        1 , all the advantages of natural wood , light weight , high strength, texture, appearance , insulation , etc.

        2 , to make up for some shortcomings , such as natural wood naturally occurring Setsuko , small format , deformation, and large differences in the mechanical aspect

        3, the surface of the natural beauty, keep the beautiful natural wood pattern , generally do not use glue when other veneer materials , fine as long as the paint be available after finishing appearance

        4 , good strength and toughness, strong nail holding power , ease of processing , etc.

        5 , smooth surface, uniform thickness , glue and strong, no plastic, no hollow , no wormhole , no blind side .

        Intensity cards plywood uses:

        Poplar plywood multilayered intensity cards are widely used in furniture manufacturing , interior decoration , residential buildings. Followed by shipbuilding, manufacturing carriages , various industry, light industry products, and packaging and other industrial sectors use.

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