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  • Poplar plywood
    • Poplar plywood
  • Poplar plywood
  • 产品品牌:Guang Qiang
  • 产品种类:Multi-layer plywood
  • 产品材质:poplar
  • 环保等级:E1、E2
  • 产品规格:2440mm × 1220mm(长×宽)
  • 产品厚度:5-30mm
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  •     Henan Hongda Co., Ltd. produces poplar wood as the main material of the packaging material plate surface using birch , mahogany , poplar bleach and other materials dough. Products with smooth surface evenly, no hollow inside and outside the plate , no wormhole , no virtual edge , glued and strong features .

        Plywood using poplar wood production has the following advantages :

       ★ poplar wood with a straight grain , reduced inflation , high impact toughness, good damping properties

       ★ no smell , easy to nail , nail holding power is small but not split

       ★ rugged strong , simple process , easy to install

       ★ appearance, reliable performance , recyclable


       Suitable for military, food, tea , medicine, precision instruments , industrial products and other shipping container processing

       Poplar material disadvantages:

        While Aspen has the disadvantage of loose fiber structure , but after hot glue from poplar plywood fully compensate for this shortcoming, but also magnified poplar own merits , higher strength, better flexibility .

        Three categories of packaging materials packaging ( wooden crates , plastic crates and paper packaging ) advantages and disadvantages:

        A : wooden crates wooden crates that material , which is made ​​using wood panels made ​​of nails . The advantages are: strong and sturdy , simple process , easy installation , beautiful appearance , reliable performance , recyclable , multi- products for industrial transport packaging . But its shortcomings are sealing and cushioning properties are relatively poor.
        II: Plastic crates though sealing and cushioning to overcome the problem of poor wooden crates , with the quality of light, weather is good , beautiful and durable , recycling and so on. But it has a fatal flaw that pollute the environment , which is our living environment is a big disadvantage.
        Three: paper box inner and outer layers are made ​​using paper plates , so not only does not pollute the environment, but also can be recycled, greatly reducing the cost , roof and side panels made using flute , corrugated floor made of composite board or cardboard, paper products because of its rugged strong performance is relatively poor, can not afford high-intensity work environment , easily broken .

        Packaging board use and maintenance:
        Use : the need to use when cutting plate 80 tooth alloy saw above , the blade should be higher than the top of the outer packaging board one centimeter , a chainsaw is not less than 4000 rpm rev / min . Such as packaging board is cut or drilled at the site , you need to be cut in the marginal edge drilling special paint brush . When packing plate group fight , horizontal packaging board assembly directly or seams between the tape affixed straight line packaging board patchwork plus sponge cutter bar assembly . Nails , it is necessary under the mat square timber , packaging boards beware vacant form showing negative split when drilling in the packaging of iron . The use of special seals blocking seal bolt holes through walls .
    When form removal , packaging board should prevent large fall.
        Patch : Packaging board use , the more subtle scratches , breakage available flat before filling putty Tim refinish with special seals ; greater damage , holes can be driven into the wedge and then putty, refinish repair.
        Maintenance: After packaging board packaging board requires full health , hygiene packaging board should look something every use to prevent the use of sharp , phenolic resin film to prevent damage to the surface of the packaging board , if prolonged storage should be maintained in the appearance of coated packaging boards agent .
        Storage: In the process of transportation and storage , should prevent sun and rain caused severe deformation and board packaging film appearance of aging. At the construction site , packaging boards should be placed on a flat horizontal boring venues wooden bottom level of not less than three 10 × 10CM support, prevent storage temperature and high temperature locally.

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