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  • Construction plywood
    • Construction plywood
  • Construction plywood
  • 产品品牌:Guang Qiang
  • 产品种类:Multi-layer plywood
  • 产品材质:poplar
  • 环保等级:E1、E2
  • 产品规格:2440mm × 1220mm(长×宽)
  • 产品厚度:10-20mm
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  •    Henan Hongda Wood Co., Ltd. produces high quality water template poplar , birch as the main material , waterproof and strong surface material phenolic resin impregnated paper . Phenolic coated with advanced , rigorous process support , plywood template surface is smooth , with high strength, light weight , waterproof , and can use multiple turnover characteristics, suitable for all types of construction works of water pouring concrete .

        Advantages intensity license plate Shimizu building templates series
    ★ Light weight: more suitable for high-rise building and bridge construction .
    ★ amplitude : maximum radiation surface is 2440 × 1220mm, reducing the number of joints , improve the efficiency of formwork .
    ★ does not warp , no distortion, no cracking, water resistance, turnaround times , long life .
    ★ stripping easy, only steel 1/7 .
    ★ do water concrete : pouring surface is smooth and beautiful buildings , minus the wall two plastering crafts , decorative veneers directly , duration 30 percent reduction .
    ★ resistance: not pollute the concrete surface.
    ★ good insulation properties , is conducive to winter construction .
    ★ do plane bending template .
    ★ good construction performance . Nails, sawing, drilling performance is better than bamboo , a small plate.
        Can be processed into various shapes according to the construction needs of the template


       Brand building templates water intensity compared with the other sheet materials

    ▲ grade coated steel construction template and the template comparison superiority
        Steel formwork heavy weight and light weight coated board to facilitate the construction of high-rise buildings , large area compared with the steel template , reducing the patchwork , improve project quality and progress of the project , but also needed to cut freely according to project needs special specifications. Use of high-end architectural template cast film surface is smooth and beautiful. Eliminating the need for secondary plastering process , both labor and material saving .
    ▲ upscale building templates superiority film contrasts with bamboo
        Bamboo restricted their material properties , thickness tolerance is not easy to grasp, higher grade wood bamboo mold construction performance , ease of nails, sawing , drilling to facilitate the construction , water and good performance , boiled for 20 hours without a plastic, light weight in bamboo , cast smooth surface , and the use of in-situ surface bamboo mats and India are deeply flawed.


     Strong brand building light water product description templates

    1 , to be used when cutting board over 80 tooth alloy saw blade, saw blade should be higher than the top of the template surface one centimeter , a chainsaw is not less than 4000 rpm rev / min .
    2 , as the template is cut or drilled in the field , you need to be cut at the edge of drilling special edge paint brush .
    3 , when the template group fight , horizontal template directly assembled or paper taped seams , between the vertical template patchwork cotton strips assembled CCLEC .
    4, in the mold clinches must be at the bottom of the pad side wood, beware of floating drilling caused when the back of the template appears split .
    5 , using a dedicated block seal bolt holes through walls .
    6, form removal , the template should prevent scratches , breakage can be used to add punch flat putty then refinish with a special seal ; greater damage , voids can be driven into the wood and then carve putty , refinish repair.
    8 , each template should be thoroughly cleaned after use template , template surface cleaning should avoid the use of sharp tools , phenolic resin film so as not to damage the surface of the template , if the long-term storage , should be protected in the template coated with oil, and covered with tarpaulins .


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